I help scaling businesses set-up the processes they need, from hiring to retaining the right people! I’m your ‘people people’, setting you up and giving you the tools you can then use long-term to manage your people yourself!


  • I work with the founders and we start with making sure the mission, vision and values are clear.
  • Then we align them to the hiring needs. We look at what we want to see in the people we’re bringing aboard.
  • And then look at the right questions to ask, to reveal the match with the company culture.
  • We make sure we measure performance based on those values, as well.
  • We set-up development needs and solutions, and clear performance matrices.

Strong relationships in a growing company don’t need bad surprises! They need clarity, effectiveness and consistency, so they can grow stronger each day and build Trust.

And, yes, they need nice surprises, too!

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