I help scaling businesses set-up the processes they need, from hiring to retaining the right people! I’m your ‘people people’, setting you up and giving you the tools you can then use long-term to manage your people yourself!


All Personal Helps You Build Your In-House Talent Attraction and Organizational Development Programs

Success Stories

‘It was an absolute pleasure to work with Roxana and All Personal!

From our first initial meeting with Roxana, we knew that Roxana had the skillset to transform our business.

From setting company values, hiring and onboarding new staff, to implementing collaborative staff trainings, Roxana knew how to intricately put the pieces of our puzzle together.

Roxana worked to learn all personalities of our team, and helped to educate our group on the most sensible and efficient way to structure our working time together.

She created a team dynamic like no other, and helped to grow my leadership skills as a manager.

She created a social team culture for our business, which we originally thought would be very difficult to achieve, as we are a fully remote team.

I highly recommend Roxana to any business looking to further grow and develop their company and staff, into a more collaborative organization!’

Brittany Melo, Managing Partner, Forge Legal Recruitment

‘I had first met Roxana when our company sponsored an event that she was speaking at.

Being a new business with a growing team and having never really managed anyone previously, Roxana’s presentation on coaching and team building resonated with me.

My partner and I decided to further look into Roxana’s training and coaching and ultimately ended up scheduling a one-on-one meeting with her.

What came from that was our decision to engage Roxana and her coaching in our business over the next several months as we continued to hire and grow.

Roxana helped us to better understand the aim of our own company culture.

She aided us in helping to find the right personalities for our business, assisted in fully integrating the new hires, and further has helped us to become stronger managers.

If you are looking for someone to assist in helping to build or further develop your company’s culture, and how to work to get the most out of your teams (especially in a supportive and team-oriented approach), I highly recommend engaging the services of Roxana and All Personal.’

Joncarlo Bairos, Managing Partner, Forge Legal Recruitment

Strong relationships in a growing company don’t need bad surprises! They need clarity, effectiveness and consistency, so they can grow stronger each day and build Trust.

And, yes, they need nice surprises, too!