Lead Ahead!

Leadership: one big word, such a complex concept! One way or another, we’re all leaders, in our own lives and ways. 

True leadership is not about hierarchy, but about legacy. What do we want to build and how do we need to build it so it lasts? And, perhaps most importantly, who will be there with us on this journey? And what can we do to keep the belief and the team strong, even during thunderstorms?

That takes experience, absolutely! And it’s also a skill we can all learn.

Emotional Intelligence for Game-Changing Leaders Online Course (with CPD points)

“Emotional intelligence is the difference that makes the difference.
A lack of emotional intelligence is what limits some people in their ability to manage themselves, manage others, or manage situations.”
(J.D. Meier, Director of Innovation at Microsoft)

A recent study of the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development in the UK (CIPD) says that:

‘Nearly as much as 80% of the reasons why careers are derailed can be traced to weaknesses in Emotional Intelligence.’

The good news? Emotional Intelligence is a skill we can all work on and improve.

I invite you to the All Personal online course on Emotional Intelligence for Game-Changing Leaders.

The better news? You receive a certificate of completion  and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points once you’ve finished the course.

Click on the image below and start learning!

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