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I realized I’m now officially a ‘work from home nomad’ and that many of you probably are nomads too!
I confiscated my son’s room to use his desk, as he confiscated ‘my’ desk which is in the living room and where he’s playing video games. Also, with everyone at home, I could be nowhere near the TV or washrooms :).
Here’s what makes me a ‘work from home nomad’:

  • Online training in my son’s room, pm times
  • Podcast in my daughter’s room, pm times
  • Conf calls and online coaching sessions at my living room desk, am times; for pm times, bedroom corner is the other option *
  • Content creation at the living room table, anytime, headphones on 
  • Videos in the special bedroom corner, light is perfect there 🙂

And yeah, of course I ended up sitting on the floor. Kinesthetic learners need to move to think and speak too, by the way 😁!
It’s ok not to put more pressure on ourselves and our family members about a fixed spot to work from.
If you don’t have a special room you can call your ‘home office’, don’t despair:)!
Find the best room fit for different tasks.

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