Leaders of hybrid teams in professional services

work with All Personal to build

top-notch people & team leadership skills, knowledge & strategies,
so that they confidently fast-track their leadership journey
to become Dream Bosses and build Dream Teams.


Unlike other people leadership programs that focus on top executives,
the All Personal programs are hierarchy agnostic
and help BOTH leaders AND their teams!

Group Coaching for Hybrid Team Leaders!

Leadership is ALL PERSONAL! Because it’s all about YOUR LEGACY!

If you’re an aspiring or new team leader or manager struggling to find solutions when it comes to your personal leadership, your team management or your leadership legacy, this is for you!

I have answered some questions from team leaders and managers on:
– How to effectively promote team work on projects while working remote
– How to balance personal/leadership relationships as a newly promoted manager, when you used to be peers
– Tips on providing feedback, even if negative

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THE LEAD FOR LEGACY LEAGUE is here to make sure that you,
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get access to the leadership and management strategies, tools, continuous support and community YOU NEED NOW, and which help YOU BECOME a Dream Boss building a Dream Team!


This is for you:

  1. The ones who are boots on the ground, leading your teams through the everyday trenches!
  2. The ones who feel isolated and left out from the top-executive programs that could help you alleviate your leadership growing pains and losses!
  3. The ones who struggle having to figure out how to grow, motivate and retain your teams by yourself!



If you’re an emerging leader looking to raise your profile and make a difference right now, the hybrid work model might bring new challenges – the kind that we haven’t been through before.

The number 1 struggle for millennial emerging leaders is making sure your voices are heard and that you are changing the face of leadership.

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It’s not about one leader anymore. Now, more than ever, it’s all about team leadership: who takes the helm and when forward?

Everyone on the team has a game-changing business impact to make!

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All Personal Is the First Canadian Partner Organization to The GC Index®

All Personal is proudly the first Canadian training, coaching and consulting company that is a Partner Organization to The Game-Changing Index®.

The GC Index® is the first organimetric that empowers organizations around the world to drive performance and achieve innovation by creating game-changing teams and cultures.

I am thrilled to make an All Personal contribution and help leaders and teams across industries make their best impact in their organizations!

Click here to check out what some leaders have to say about discovering the power of their business impact!

Teams I've Worked With

All Personal has worked with clients from a range of companies including:

  1. ALM Corp (digital marketing)
  2. Deloitte Canada (professional services, audit & consulting)
  3. Ernst & Young Canada & US (professional services, audit & consulting)
  4. Exchange Solutions (retail technology)
  5. Forge Recruitment (legal & finance recruitment)
  6. Kinstellar (professional services, legal)
  7. Lee & Associates (professional services, legal)
  8. Lenczner Slaght LLP (professional services, legal)
  9. Oracle (database software)
  10. InterCity Realty (real estate)
  11. Social Knowhow (social media marketing)
  12. Springboard Employment Services (non-profit)
  13. The Law Office Management Association
  14. Toronto Region & Conservation Authority
  15. College Boreal, Toronto
  16. George Brown College, Toronto
  17. York University, Toronto

Excited to help you!

Here to help YOU build game-changing CAREERS, TEAMS and ORGANIZATIONS!​

What Clients Say


Joncarlo Bairos

Managing Partner, Forge Legal Recruitment

I had first met Roxana when our company sponsored an event that she was speaking at. Being a new business with a growing team and having never really managed anyone previously, Roxana’s presentation on coaching and team building resonated with me.

My partner and I decided to further look into Roxana’s training and coaching and ultimately ended up scheduling a one-on-one meeting with her. What came from that was our decision to engage Roxana and her coaching in our business over the next several months as we continued to hire and grow.

Roxana helped us to better understand the aim of our own company culture. She aided us in helping to find the right personalities for our business, assisted in fully integrating the new hires, and further has helped us to become stronger managers.

If you are looking for someone to assist in helping to build or further develop your company’s culture, and how to work to get the most out of your teams (especially in a supportive and team-oriented approach), I highly recommend engaging the services of Roxana and All Personal.


Brittany Melo

Managing Partner, Forge Legal Recruitment

Roxana worked to learn all personalities of our team, and helped to educate our group on the most sensible and efficient way to structure our working time together. She created a team dynamic like no other, and helped to grow my leadership skills as a manager. She created a social team culture for our business, which we originally thought would be very difficult to achieve, as we are a fully remote team.

I highly recommend Roxana to any business looking to further grow and develop their company and staff, into a more collaborative organization!


Valeria Ponis

Manager, Deloitte Canada

I have attended many trainings on public speaking and storytelling organized by Roxana. I have also engaged her to deliver a training session in my organization focused on Presence and Confidence Development. During the training, Roxana covered a wide variety of topics, engaged the audience and left a long lasting impact on the participants, by providing them with a toolkit to improve their communication skills, project confidence and poise to a wide spectrum of corporate experiences. Participants found the training really relevant for their job and have reported to already seeing the benefits in their day to day endeavors. I would recommend Roxana in a heartbeat!


Nathan Wang

Web Developer

Roxana is very professional at helping people improve their interpersonal skills. With her help, you can become more confident, by better understanding yourself and different kinds of personality. If you have ever been troubled by not being able to express yourself freely, either at work or in daily life, having a one-on-one session with Roxana would be a great choice to make.


Ahmed Kareem

Project Manager, Colliers International

I have had the pleasure of attending two training sessions organized and given by Roxana through All Personal. Not only is she professional and knowledgeable, but she is an engaging, energetic person that brings a positive presence to the room. The sessions were very informative and engaging, with targeted training relevant for immediate application. The means of content delivery is precise and through her engagement, provided a long lasting impact and gain.


Hoda Nasseri

Cyber Security Senior Consultant, Deloitte Canada

Roxana is an amazing career coach and counselor. She listens to you carefully and helps you identify any issues that may hold you back in growing you career. Also, she provides interesting solutions and exercises in building the skill muscles that you need.


Rory Vasconcelos

Psychologist and Early Child Educator

Roxana is one of the most incredible persons I’ve known. She is an amazing mentor, who has helped me get back on track in my professional life. She is organized, commited and absolutely inspiring. Everything that I have accomplished in these past months are thanks to all her guidance and support.


Lara El Shawa

Vice President, Programs & Philanthropy, Young Women in Business Toronto

I first learned about Roxana and her work when we (YWiB Toronto) were looking for speakers for our workshop on Public Speaking last year. It has been an utmost joy working with her, and learning from her expertise.


Aurora Pantoja

Specialty Buyer, Whole Foods Market

I had the pleasure of meeting Roxana when I attended one of her workshops, and continue partnering with her on more projects. She is amazing! She takes care of every detail, and she loves what she does, you can tell it when you see her in action!


Marcela Chein

Manager, Community Living Toronto

Roxana is a charismatic and very experienced soft skills coach. I have been a participant in a couple of her All Personal workshops where, the way she combines theory with practice, allowed me to adopt new breathing techniques to think clearer, communicate my ideas effectively, and speak with confidence.

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