It’s All Personal!
Nothing is just business.

One day I’ve decided: the ‘nothing personal, just business’ did not work for me. Be it simply because we are ‘persons’. With our own personal experience, knowledge, beliefs, fears, values…

All of it.


Turn learning into a habit, not an event, and make it practical, fun and long-lasting for everyone I work with, on a global scale!


Build skills muscles for game-changing teams and innovative workplaces, and help them reap long-term results! Like going to a ‘skills gym’!


  1. Bespoke
  2. Game-changing
  3. Long-lasting
  4. Fun
  5. Innovative
  6. Professional
  7. Trustworthy

The Business

Funny to have a business called All Personal?

I chose this name because I believe it’s All Personal, nothing is just business!

Because it’s all intra-personal (how we manage ourselves) or inter-personal (how we manage our relationships with others).

All Personal is the first Canadian consulting, training & coaching company who is a Partner Organization to the Game-Changing Index®!

I work with corporate, start-ups and non-government organizations, and help them build game-changing teams and cultures!

Why? To get ready for the ‘future of work’ now!

The workplace, as we know it, is changing. Fast!

Getting ready for ‘the future of work’ is crucial! And building strong ‘skills muscles’ in the people and teams we work with is essential!

Building a game-changing team where everyone can collaborate and thrive, that’s crucial for the successful businesses of today and tomorrow!


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The Story


Born and raised in Romania, having worked in international law firms for 16 years and having led the Learning & Development department for 8 years, I moved to Canada in March 2017, together with my husband and two kids, and have been, since then, in a constant journey of ‘self-building’.

I started Life 2.0 (as I titled my initial blog), both as an immigrant and a woman entrepreneur.

I have so far worked with teams and individuals in Europe and Canada, in various industries: digital marketing, financial consulting, IT, legal, non-profit, real estate, legal recruiting, social media and academic.

I am a TEDx speaker and a Master Coach.

I hold a diploma in Learning & Development and a certificate in Human Resources from the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development in the UK.

I am also certified as a GCologist® with the GCIndex® in the UK, which is the certification to run game-changing index assessments, and deliver workshops and consulting based on this groundbreaking tool.

Fun (and healthy) fact: I am a half-marathon runner, having discovered running as a cure for my migraines! Every time I have a migraine, I drag myself on to the treadmill and start running for at least 30 minutes. Painful? Yes. AND miraculously effective! I even talked about it in my TEDx talk!