It’s All Personal!
Nothing is just business.

It’s All Personal because being successful as a human being is both:

INTRA-personal: how we manage ourselves


INTER-personal: how we manage our relationships with others.

Both at home AND at work.


Help people managers Lead Different, become Dream Leaders and Build Dream Teams, so we create a future of work we are proud of and happy with, for ourselves and for generations to come!


Bring game-changing people & team leadership training & coaching programs to those who need them most, when they need them most:
at the beginning and in the middle of their leadership journey!

This is what empowers them to create a ripple effect in their world, so that we all start to LEAD DIFFERENT and WORK DIFFERENT!

And build a better Leadership Legacy!


  1. Fun
  2. Collaborative
  3. Creative
  4. Game-changing
  5. Long-lasting
  6. Personalized
  7. Trustworthy

The Business

Funny to have a business called All Personal?

I chose this name because I believe it’s All Personal, nothing is just business!

Because it’s all intra-personal (how we manage ourselves) or inter-personal (how we manage our relationships with others).

All Personal is the first Canadian consulting, training & coaching company who is a Partner Organization to the Game-Changing Index®!


I help corporate team leaders and start-up co-founders build top-notch people leadership skills, knowledge & strategies, so that they confidently fast-track their journey to becoming dream bosses and building dream teams!

Why? To get ready for the ‘future of work’ now!

The workplace, as we know it, is changing. Fast!

Getting ready for ‘the future of work’ is an everyday job!

And building strong ‘people leadership skills muscles’ in the new people and teams leaders is crucial!

Building a game-changing team where everyone can collaborate and thrive, that’s what will build the successful businesses of today and tomorrow!


Our programs are for you, the ones who are boots on the ground, leading your teams through the everyday trenches.

The ones who feel isolated and left out from the programs that could help you alleviate the leadership growing pains and losses.

The ones who struggle having to grow, motivate and retain their teams by yourselves – either as corporate team leaders or start-up co-founders!

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The story

Having worked in international top-tier law firms for 15+ years (Linklaters, White & Case, Kinstellar), and having led the firm-wide Learning & Development department for 8+ years, I founded my leadership coaching business in 2017.

I have since worked with corporate, start-up and non-profit leaders & teams in Europe, US and Canada, in a variety of industries: digital marketing, financial consulting, technology, legal, real estate, recruiting, social media and non-profit.

I am also an expert designer and facilitator of Workplace Culture and Communication programs at York University and College Boreal in Toronto, and an online course and live classes contributing author on award-winning e-learning platforms!


My name is Roxana Radulescu, I am both an introvert and a TEDx speaker

I hold a diploma in Learning & Development and a certificate in Human Resources from the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development in the UK.

I’m also a Certified Team Coach (ITCA by European Mentoring & Coaching Council) and Individual Coach Practitioner (EIA by European Mentoring & Coaching Council, ACC by International Coaching Federation), a Certified GCologist® and GC Partner Organization, and Scaled OKRs Coach.


Fun (and healthy) fact

I am a half-marathon runner, having discovered running as a cure for my migraines some 15 years ago, back in native Romania!

Every time I get a migraine, I drag myself on to the treadmill and start running for at least 30 minutes. Painful, and yet miraculously effective – so I also addressed it in my TEDx talk.