I coach leaders and teams to help them build game-changing careers and organizations! We usually bump into these blockers and remove them:

  • Time is running through my fingers.
  • I am doing everything by myself, I can’t rely on anyone on my team to help.
  • The manager doesn’t have time for me and they never hear me anyway!
  • My team members don’t do what they say they’d do, why do I need to remind them about their tasks?
  • I have no idea how to talk to my former peers now that I’ve been promoted! I almost feel guilty for my success!
  • How do I make my colleagues understand how important it is to change the way we operate?
  • I sometimes freeze when I talk to difficult clients.
  • How do I tell people on my team what I don’t like about their work, without hurting them?

What’s your number one blocker?

It’s OK if it’s not just one, they usually make their own ‘crowds’.

Share some of your blockers here and let's unblock them together!

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