All Personal Is Proudly the First Canadian Partner Organization to The GC Index!

the game-changing index®

All Personal is the first Canadian consulting, training & coaching company who is a Partner Organization to the Game-Changing Index!

Leading organizations around the world use this tool in a variety of projects, from talent attraction and retention, to employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, cultural and organization strategic planning!

The GC INDEX® is an organimetric that profiles individual and team proclivities: the ways in which you and your team feel most engaged and energized when it comes to making a business impact in your organization.

Your profile helps you to think about how you can ‘play to your strengths’ and maximize your contribution to your role, team and organization.

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Build Your Game-Changing Team

‘A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.’ (Wayne Gretzky)

Powered by the GC Index®, this is a program created for corporate or start-up teams, depending on their specific needs of growth, development and business impact. The program is run both in-person and virtually and is fit for several purposes, depending on your needs and goals:

  • talent acquisition
  • motivation & engagement
  • talent development
  • diversity & inclusion
  • innovation
  • culture transformation

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Be the great player!

Team Coaching Program in Partnership with Tracy Wilk Leadership Coaching

My Team Coaching Partner and fellow executive coach, Tracy Wilk, and I have developed a Team Coaching Program to support leaders and teams navigate the challenges in today’s constantly changing workplace!

We developed this program because it’s become obvious to us that it’s unrealistic for companies to rely solely on individual leaders to meet their critical goals.

Instead, we really want to help companies to develop the collective leadership and intelligence of their teams, to produce better outcomes.

Through our work, we aim to support teams and leaders:
✅To understand individual and team strengths and areas of development as a cohesive team.
✅To define team purpose, values and priorities.
✅To better see and understand individual and team unspoken behaviours, modes of operation and other blind spots.
✅To build the team’s capacity to manage conflict.
✅To clarify goals, performance indicators and roles.
✅To build a plan to help the team and team members to continually learn.
✅To help you as a team leader coach the team, and the team as a whole to coach itself.
Bring back the Fizz & Buzz in your team – both individually and collectively!

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